HD Video Imaging Analytic System


The HD Video Imaging Analytic System is a combination of video image processing technology and big data analysis. Constructing the system requires collaboration with public security businesses and the understanding of smart policing. Combined with cloud computing and big data technology, the whole project consists of seven-points of business with three-points of technology. The system can intelligently perceive featured information such as people, vehicles and objects. Combined with big data applications, the project implements functions such as early warning aircraft and big data analysis applications to enhance the application effect of the smart police application platform.


Construction plan

The HD Video Imaging System application is based on big data, cloud computing, and cloud storage technology. It is based on the SOA architecture and belongs to the data processing platform. It is the central layer of the security industry and utilizes the underlying ever-present intelligent sensing devices. (Cameras, microphones, motion, etc.) It collects raw data and processes the original data according to the analysis model creating to provide services for the police.
The system construction includes three parts: data center platform, high-definition intelligent computing center, the application system and a model supermarket.